23 settembre 2008

Serie B Midweek

Ancona Brescia 2(0:0)AH @1.76 10/10 Pinnacle

Brescia is still not at the top of their form. In the last match they finally won their first match in this season against a good Ascoli but they didn’t make a great impression, too slow and predictable their action, their most important players aren’t playing as they can in this first phase of championship. The major problems are in the defensive line where too often the players have seemed to careless.
As regarding Ancona, they are a team that we will play to avoid the relegation this season, two draws and two defeats in the first four matches is the poor gain until now. The team seem to be not too bad but they have problem in the attack line where Mastronunzio and Nassi arenot enough strong for this league and in the defensive line where as for Brescia too often their players are not in great condition.
For me Brescia can win the second match in a row today.

Bari Livorno 1-1 exact score @ 6.5 2/10

Empoli Modena 1 @ 1.5 @ BetandWin 7/10

Modena is the actual bottom rock of this serie B. An embarrassing defensive line is the weak point for this team that at the end have in any case good players in its staff.
Until now Modena had a not easily calendar, they met, in fact Rimini, Salernitana, Albinoleffe and Pisa all team that will be involved in the promotion fight.
For tis match they will face Empoli another strong team, on of the favourite for the final win of this championship, but their beginning of season hasn’t be the best only a win reached in the last round against Rimini on the road. The impact with the lower serie has been strong for the Empoli’s men that played without the right concentration.
For today’s match I think that Empoli can reach the second win in a row

Mantova Ascoli 1(0:0.25)AH @ 1.76 8/10 188Bet

For Mantova two win and a draw in the first three matches (their match against Vicenza has been postponed in the first week of October) is agood starting of season.
Godeas and Co. Are a very solid team equilibrated in the defensive sector and with an huge offensive potential where Godeas is the point of diamond of this team. If Virgiliani won’t lose the right way as in the last season I think that they will reach at least the play off.

Asoli lost their last match against Brescia but they didn’t make a bad impressiona as usual on their field they played a good match. Soncin and Bucchi confirmed their strength for this league but the defence sometimes lost the concentration and put al the team in bad condition. Ascoli normally far from Del Duca is not strong as they seem at home and for this reason I think that Mantova could reach the third win out of four matches.

Parma Frosinone 1(0:1)AH @1.76 188BET 10/10

Parma must win today, no other way for them. It will not easy today for them but they must. Two defeat in a row for this team that in the summer preview was the team that would have had to win the season without any problem. Also for them as for Juventus or some other great team relegated the impact with serie B reality has been hardest than they imagine.
Parma have a great potential for this serie B in the offensive sector they have all players that can solve the math in any moment.
For this match Cagni will have available some players that against Grosseto were out like Paloschi, Lucarelli and Leon.
Frosinone will go to Parma without some interesting players like Biso, Scarlato end Cariello but will have available the goalkeeper Sicignano.
It’s a difficult match as usual but Parma have to win it. For me reading the line Up Parma can win with more than one goal difference.

Piacenza Rimini 2(0:0)AH @ 5/10 and 1-1 exact score @6.5 2/10

Pisa Vicenza 2(0:0.25)ah @1.8 188bet 6/10 and 1-1 exact score @6.5 2/10

Salernitana Triestina 1(0:0)ah 10/10

Salernitana is a newcomers for this league but the management built a very competitive team hoping to become the surprise for this season. After these initial rounds Salernitana has demonstrate theat they could be the outsider for this championship, a very solid defensive line and an excellent attack line give to them a consistent calm.
Triestina on the other hand have showed to be very difficult to overcome, a good and solid team without great players in the line up but all men very experienced for this category.
Triestina met, until now only team without great ambitions and notwithstanding that they won only against Avellino (the weakest team in this serie B) but keep only three draws against Bari, Sassuolo and Ascoli.

For today Di Napoli will be back in the Salernitana line up while Minelli will miss the match for the “Alabardati”. I think Salernitana can win this match

Sassuolo Albinoleffe 1(0:0)ah @ 1.8 6/10

Albinoleffe is running very fast in this beginning of season, they defeated Parma in the last home match and now they are at the top of this championship. The team is more or less the same of the last year and the new coach Madonna leave more or less the same team organisation comparing last year but now they seem to have more confidence in their strenght.
Sassuolo, a newcomers for this league, started very well the season, after the initial win against Salernitana (only 1-0 for campani) they have reach three positive results in a row (2 wins and a draw) showing good football and very offensive football especially when they play at home where they destroyed both Pisa (3-1) and Grosseto (4-0).
Considering that Albinoleffe played three times in this last week I want to try a little handicap for the home team here.

Treviso Cittadella 2(0:0.5)ah 1.89 6/10

Treviso started the season as last year. This team have no great expectation for this season, I don’t find any very good players in the line up, the only praiseworthy man is Foti but he has still to reach the top of the status and also he needs the right support from the team.
Cittadella play interesting football, they have a good midfield and a discrete defensive line but they continue to have huge troubles in the attack line, 0 goals in the first 4 matches and if we consider that they played also against Avellino, that have one of the weaker defence of this championship, the situation is very bad for them.
Today this two teams will face one to another in the Treviso’ stadiumwhere also Cittadella is playing their own home match so the field factor is pratically equal to zero. First of all Cittadella have to score and I think that they have enough opportunities this night against a not strong defensive line. I want to give my confidence in an AW here and I put money on 2(0:0.5) AH. I’ll try also an 1-1 exact score

These are my bets

2(0:0,5)AH @ 1.85 6/10
1-1 @6.5 2/10

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