20 ottobre 2007

Cesena Bari X @ 3.05 5/10 BETFAIR +10.25

Cesena last week did a great match against Modena, they scored for first they weren’t able to avoid the draw and the appointment with the first win in this season is still postponed.
Bari, on the other hand lost in very bad way the last match against Frosinone, 4-1 has been the result and it is the real mirrow of the match, Bari didn’t do anything to avoid the defeat, no idea on the field, after three goals the “Baresi” have had the unique moment opf life and they scored their goal. During the week the bench of coach Materazzi has been in the fire but their players have avoided his leaving but, in my eyes this is only a stand by. For this match both team can line up the best team . Cesena want the first win but Bari can’t lose another match, above all if the players will maintain the promise did during the last week.
I think an X could be the right result here.

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