20 ottobre 2007

Mantova – Grosseto 1 @ 1.62 10/10 Betfair -10

Mantova finally have started to win, in the last round they grab all the points against Modena after a fighted match at the end they closed the match with a 3-2. Now, they are ready to continue for this way and the next opponent, Grosseto, doesn’t seem to can make a stand, in fact they are, in my point of view, clearly weaker than the home team.
Mantova, with Brescia, didn’t play the last round due the missing of some Brescia’s players played with their National team and this could be an advantage for Virgiliani.
Grosseto also in the last match showed their difficult to score, in the first nine matches they finished 5 of them without score a goal and this could be a serious problem for them in a championship like this where there are some team involved in the relegation battle, for Grosseto the seasonal goal is the safety, that can count on some experienced forwards.
Coming back to the match I don’t believe that Mantova will miss the win here.

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