18 novembre 2007

Lega A Basket

Total -1.6

Montepaschi SI-Solsonica RI 2(0:+17.5)ah @ 1.85 3/10 -3
Eldo Napoli-Tisettanta Cantù 1 @ 1.40 10/10 +4
Legea Scafati-Pierrel C. d'Orlando 1@1.73 6/10 incl overtime -6

Cimberio VA-Air AV 2(0:+5)AH @1.85 4/10 +3.4

First of all this is not my preferred sport, but due the stop of Italian soccer I want to try the Basket way today.
Italian Basket championship is now arrived at the 10th round but the way is still long to close the regular season and I find interesting in this round two matches Cimberio- Avellino and Eldo Napoli- Tisettanta Cantù ( I avoid to put any comment on the Legea Scafati my town club … I wouldn’t be impartial).
Avellino, after last week defeat against a very strong Roma, will have to play another away from home match but this time the opponent will be weaker than Roma. Cimberio Varese, in fact is at the bottom of the Lega A1 but this doesn’t mean that they are the weakest team in this league, thay are suffering a lot of injuries in this first part of season and also today they will play without Marcus Melvin while both Gregor Hafnar and Babrauskas are doubtful due their not good physical condition. For Avellino the situation, as regard the men is completely different in fact the coach today can line up the best team with Smith and Williams completely available. In the last season Varese did a great championship on their field but this season the thinkghs are going differently, in fact they lost 2 of their 4 home match while Avellino won 2 of their 4 away from home matches, another point regarding the Varese defence, they are conceding an 80’s points for match and this against Avellino could be a disaster considering the good moment of Smith.
At the end my inmpression is that Avellino can win the match and the +5 handicap seems good for me.

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