18 febbraio 2008

serie C1a

Verona - Legnano 1 @ 2.00 betfair 10/10

Verona is in the last position of this serie C1A but last year they were in the Italian Serie B. The team don’t seem to be so weak as the table says, in the January transfer market some interesting and good players joined them but nothing is changed in this two months. The new coach Sarri doesn’t seem to have the habit to play for this kind of situation, I mean he could be good for middle table team but when the team is in critical situation like this he seems a little bit undecided. The tonight opponent, legnano arrive to this match after two wins in a row, both at home, but they didn’t solve all their problem and their seasonal goal remain the survival. Verona have a long series of negative results, they won only two times in this season, both at home, their disadvantage from the penultimate is 4 points and another defeat this night could mean serie C2

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