16 settembre 2008

Brescia - Treviso 1 @1.51 8/10

Two matches and Brescia is still without win. In the last match against Bari they were in advantage for about an hour but in the extra time Cavalli equalised the match for Bari.

This will be the first home match for Brescia after having played against Empoli and Bari and this is the news for “Lombardi”. In both previews matches Brescia played good football, especially against Bariwhere their unique mistake has been to leave the match open on the 1-0. The line up for the Cosmi band should be the same saw against Bari with the only Mareco in substitution of Zoboli and also for this match Morfeo, the most representative and strong man in the team won’t be on the field.

For Treviso the season is as starting now due the -3 penalisation recovered with their first win against Rimini last week, they are now in the bottom of the table and want to move as soon as possible.

For this match I don’t believe that Treviso will have an offensive attitude as in the recent home match, it is highly probable a 4-4-1-1 for them with the only Piovaccari in the attack line.

I think Brescia will have problem to overcome Treviso but with players like Caracciolo Possanzini in the attack line they can win here.

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