19 settembre 2008

Cittadella - Mantova 2(0:0) Ah 1.73 7/10 Pinnacle

Cittadella will face Mantova in that can be considered the first serious test for the home team after having played against not excellent teams, a part Salernitana.

Mantova has been built to fight for the promotion, Locatelli joined the club last summer, Godeas didn’t leave and all their players are experienced for this kind of championship.
In the upper part of the midfield Mantova can line up players very strong and with high inclination to score and the kind of tactic used by the new coach Brucato is oriented to have in the attack phase at least three players on the shoot’s line.
Last year Mantova lost too many points against low table teams and this year they have to correct this problem.
Citadella, as I said, played against a not high level team until now, and this night they will have to defend hardly their goal against the strong Mantova. The home team (they will play against far from their Stadium) have still a 0 in the goal scored column and,I mean, this night will be very hard to cancel it.
In the last match against Avellino Cittadella didn’t lose but the goalkeeper Zotti was over the line saving more than one his goal and also they didn’t do anything to can win the match
In my eyes this match could finish with a low scoring away win, so I think that an 2(0:0) is good choice here

I also add a little stake on 1-1 esact score (2/10)

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