20 agosto 2009

SERIE B 1st Round

Ascoli – Gallipoli

First round for Italian serie B 2009-2010.
Ascoli will host the Gallipoli in a match that, on the paper, shouldn’t have history.

Gallipoli, in fact, has solved their financial problems but now the new management have to build the team, only three days ago Giannini (confirmed coach) can count on three players under his lead.
Giannini is still worried in fact, although good players like Koprivec, Tagliani, Maritato, Abbate, and Mandorlini joined his team, there are a lot of young in the initial line up

In the latest days some new players arrived in Gallipoli and yesterday Giannini tested some tactics against an amateur team winning 4-0 but their condition is still poor.

The home team has had a good pre seasonal period, the unique injury has been the last match against Cittadella for the Coppa Italia competition where, after having lead the match for more than 80 minutes, they has been lost the qualification in the extra time.

For this match Ascoli should line-up the best team, in fact both Lupoli and Romeo have recoverd their injuries while Pesce and Giorgi are still under observation but shouldn’t be problem.

This is one of that matches very dangerous for betting, an home win with more than one, two goal advantage seems to be the natural consequence of the situation but in the past there are example that a team built in few days made great match (Torino 4/5 years ago stopped Milan, the same Gallipoli last year …)
Considering also that the first round normally keep some surprise I think that Over could be a good choose here and someone want to try an away win is paid more than 12

Brescia – Cittadella

Brescia restarts again in thje Italian serie B championship and agin they will try to keep the promotion. The team is more or less the same of the last year.
Caracciolo is the star of this team but in the recent transfer campaign ha has risked to leave Brescia. Now he is called to performe a perfect season to repay the president’s trust .
Cittadella kept the fourth round of Coppa Italia, they will play against Napoli, after having overcome first Padopva and then Ascoli playing an interesting football.
The targets for these two teams are completely opposite for this season, in fact Brescia will fight for the promotion while Cittadella want to stay for another season in serie B, hoping to keep the safety not in the last round.

Although Cittadella is in a good moment I think that the technical difference here is sensible and Brescia will win the first match of the season.

Lecce – Ancona

I have still some doubt about this Lecce, the team is not complete in my opinion but I believe that De Canio can make great job in “Salento”.
It’s true that Lecce has been destroyed by Sampdoria in the last round of Coppa Italia but the De Canio’s football philosophy allowed to Lecce to score two goal against the strongest Sampdoria.
Ancona is another serious candidate for the relegation after having avoided it last year thanks to three fantastic gifts in the last round.
This team is more or less the same of the last year and, as last year, they have to hope in the good condition of their two strongest players (Mastronunzio and Miramontes), too few to this serie B.

Considering the typical way to play for De Canio’s team and also that Lecce have still defensive problem (the goalkeeper is not the best for this serie B) I think that an Over here could be a good decision for betting.

Sassuolo – Crotone

Sassuolo this year seem to be a good team, for sure during the season they can become one of possible outsider to keep the promotion.
Mister Piloi can line up some players of sure value like Zampagna, Riccio, GOrzegno, Masucci and Salvetti, all very experienced men for this league.
In the initial official matches Sassuolo overcame with the same result (2-0) both Alessandria and Verona, two good serie C teams showing interesting football.
Their opponent, Crotone, is still incomplete as team, IMO they need at least two players, one in the defensiove line and another in the middle to try toh ave a quite championship. For this first match Lerda, Crotone coach, have almost problem with injuries and suspension, in fact Morleo, Coresi and De Martino won’t be on the field due disqualified and the newcomers Bonvissuto is injured.
For me an home win here.

Empoli – Piacenza

Empoli after the good performance in Coppa Italia can approach to the first round of championship with huge hopes. The new coach Campolongo has built an interesting 4-3-2-1 with Pozzi in the attack line free to do his job of terminator.
Even though it has changed few players Empoli is this year strongest than the last year, their attack lline is one of the strongest in serie B but also the other sector have a good players (Eder, Saudati, Lodi are a serie A players)
Piacenza is still a work in progress team, the recent matches have highlighted a lot of problems for this team in avery part of the field. During the last transfer campaign they lost their major players and, if someone don’t arrive in the next days I don’t believe in their survival.

Grosseto – Torino

Torino should be the winner of this serie B championship. They have a good players and objectively their technical level is a span above that of other, players like Dezmaili, Sereni, Loria Ogbonna, Bianchi, Amoruso, Di Michele are all serie A players.
It is all true but they have to understand that in serie B the match have to be won with sweat; if they approach the season with humility they will close the season in the first place otherwise I see they season very hard.
Their coach Colantonio have well in mind the serie B difficulty and in fact is working as fireman to advice his players.
Grosseto last year has surprised everyone by giving a lot of problem to all the other promotion contenders. This year they will try to repeat the same performance of the last hoping to keep the jolly and play the play off.
I believe that Grosseto will keep at least a point here.

Salernitana - Frosinone

Salernitana this year seem to be complete in each part of field, some good players sre arrived during the summer to cover the last year deficit and now they are ready to try for fighting in the promotion battle.
I saw the match against Napoli and despite the 3-0 Salernitana played a good first half building also some interesting opportunity. The attack line is very fast and well supported by middle field line. For the next match Brini has some players out (Carcuro in defensive line and Machado in the middle field) and he can line up his team with an interesting 4-2-3-1.
Frosinone after the great season in the last year is called to reconfirm the target and to keep the safety as soon as possible. Their strongest sector is the defensive line for sure, Sicignano, Bocchetti and Scarlato is a strong trio.
I think that this match is open to all results and considering the offensive propensity for both team I see an over here (also a home win)

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