30 agosto 2009


CAGLIARI - SIENA 1(0:0.25)AH @ 1.74 6/10

Cagliari will host Siena at home for their first match in front of their fans. Cagliari have a interesting home record to conserve, in fact they won 11 times in the last season at Sant'Elia in 15 matches.
In the beginning match Cagliari took a point against Livorno but , if they were more confident the point will be three for sure, in fact for all the match the home team didn’t enter in the Cagliari’s area while Livorno’s goalkeeper saved his goal more than one.
Cagliari lost last season’s top scorer Robert Acquafresca but the new substitute seems to have the quality to do a good season. In my opinion the transfer campaign have reinforced Cagliari in each sector of the field with the arrivals of Lino Marzoratti, Simone Barone and Nene.
For this match Luca Di Laura and Daniele Ragatzu are injured whilst new Cagliari signing Mario Brkljaca has not yet been cleared to play.

In spite of the opening day defeat against Milan, Siena looked as a good organised team but the leaving of the important players like Houssine Kharja, Danielle Galloppa and Juan Zuniga have weakness this team.
For this match the unique substitution shall be the presence of Calaiò instead of Ghezzal while the new signing Rosi can’t play due the missing of clearance to play.

Cagliari (4-4-2): Marchetti; Pisano, Lopez, Astori, Agostini; Barone, Conti, Lazzari; Cossu; Matri, Jeda.

Siena (4-3-1-2): Curci; Rossettini, Ficagna, Brandao, Del Grosso; Fini, Codrea, Vergassola; Jarolim; Maccarone, Calaiò.


Second round of season and Fiorentina and Palermo have to confirm on the field their ambition, both during the summer have declared to want fight for the scudetto.
In my opinion there are two different speeches to do: as regarding Fiorentina, Prandelli has built this team during the last three years with an unique target to be competitive for the Scudetto; on the other hand the new “clown” Zenga arrived this summer on the Palermo bench and started to moving hin mouth only to move the air … I think Palermo have a very good team but consider them ready for the Scudetto is a real madness.
Fiorentina started the season with a not exciting 1-1 against Bologna but, during the week they keep the qualification to the next round of Champions League against Sporting Lisbona and they uplift.

Despite Palermo won vs Napoli, they were lucky to escape with three points
As I said before Palermo this season is a really good squad, the new addition Pastore, Bertolo, Gorian and goalie Rubinho have completed the last year. In my opinion in the middle of the field Palermo could have some problem even if in defensive phase but this is a particular.

Two teams that play offensive football and also with a not great defence so Over can come out.
Ps Gilardino didn’t score for a long time …

Fiorentina (4-2-3-1): Frey; Comotto, Gamberini, Dainelli, Pasqual; C.Zanetti, Montolivo; Marchionni, Mutu, Vargas; Gilardino.
Palermo (4-3-2-1): Rubinho; Cassani, Kjaer, Bovo, Balzaretti; Nocerino, Bresciano, Simplicio; Cavani, Pastore; Miccoli.

NAPOLI - LIVORNO 1(0:1) @ 1.85 10/10

Napoli did the match against Palermo but Palermo took all points, this is the foortball.
During all the first half, and for a long period of second, Napoli closed Palermo in its own area scoring a good goal with Hamsick disallowed and hitting the woodwork for three times … and then two huge defensive mistakes gave the win to Palermo.
Now at home in front of their hot fans Napoli can’t fail the opportunity to keep all points.
This year Napoli’s is a good solid team, the new signing should assure the right contribute to complete the last year squad, the unique doubt is related to the young age of the team , in fact all players here are very young.
Also this year Napoli have the defence as weak spot, new goalie De Sanctis has good experience but in this first part of the season has shown some limit and in the defensive line the presence of Cannavaro is always an hazard.
Livorno in the beginning match drew against Cagliari at home but their football was very bad, never during the match they had goal opportunity although Cagliari didn’t press them.
During the week Livorno lost one of their most valuable jewels this week with the sale of Alessandro Diamanti to West Ham United.
The loss of Diamanti means that Livorno have to change his tactics from now on, in fact Cristiano Lucarelli and Francesco Tavano will play in the attack line in a 4-4-2 instead the consolidate 4-3-3.

For this match Napoli don’t have absence in the beginning XI, while Livorno do without Miglionico and Knezevic and Galante.

Napoli can win the match and I think also that Quagliarella, who makes his official debut in the San Paolo, will score today.
Home win (0:1)AH

Napoli (3-5-2): De Sanctis; Campagnaro, P. Cannavaro, Contini; Maggio, Gargano, Cigarini, Hamsik, Zuniga; Quagliarella, Lavezzi.

Livorno (4-3-2-1): De Lucia; Raimondi, Diniz, Perticone, Pieri; Marchini, Candreva, Moro; Pulzetti, Tavano; C. Lucarelli.


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