19 settembre 2009

Serie B - 19 September 2009

Lecce v Cittadella 1(0 : 1)@1.97 10/10

Lecce is one of the favourite team for the promotion this year but their start hasn’t been very happy, only a win until now and the distance from the leader is increasing week after week. After the good beginning win at home against Ancona (3-0 the result) they kept only another point and the fans started to be wooried.

Crotone is without win after 4 rounds but this is the direct consequence of their football , in fact the Lerda squad didn’t express a good football, their manoeuvres are too slow and too complicated and above all without idea from their midfield.

This is a must win situation for Lecce and, taking in account the technical difference between the two teams I believe in an home win with a goal handicap.

Albinoleffe v Piacenza 1(0 : 0.25) @ 1.7 10/10

Albinoleffe didn’t start the season in good way, only a draw until now, gained in the beginning match, after that two bad defeat against Cittadella, Ancona and Torino.
In this last match Albinoleffe played a good football, no great mistakes but Torino is a different category team.
Piacenza played during the week against Padova with the clear intention to keep a point and their target was fulfil but their football was horrible.
The today’s match is fundamental for Albinoleffe mister Madonna, in fact another false step could mean his firing but the players are all with their trainer and I think that it’s time for Bergamo’s team is coming the time for win.

Albinoleffe (4-4-2): Pelizzoli - Perico, Piccinni, Sala, Foglio - Previtali, Passoni, Grossi, Serafini - Cellini, Ruopolo.

Out: Cristiano, Garlini, Cisse, Maino, Luoni and Poloni

Piacenza (4-3-3): Puggioni - Avogadri, Iorio,Tonucci, Zammuto - Wolf, Bianchi, Nainggolan - Moscardelli, Simon, Guzman.

Out Tulli,Bini, Calderoni and Parfait.

Grosseto v Modena 1 @2 6/10

Two defeat in arow in the first two matches and then two draws in a row for Grosseto until now. It’s time for the first win now for this team that last year finished in the play off. In the latest twio matches Grosseto is becoming to play again like last year pressing in all part of the field and fast counter attack.

For this match and for the first time in this season all players (except for CArparelli) will be available for Giustinetti.

Modena after a not great start won against Salernitana and stopped Lecce on the draw. Their football is in continuously improving above all thanks to their midfield. Pinardi, the strong Modena’s midfielder will be on the field for the first time this year and he will have the responsibility to invent the assist for the attack line.

I think that Grosseto can win the match today .

Grosseto (4-4-2): Acerbis - Turati, Federici, Conteh, Freddi – Vitiello, Carobbio, Consonni, Job; Joelson, Pinilla.

Out Carparelli

MODENA 4-4-2 Narciso - Perna, Gozzi, Diagouraga, Giampà - Luisi, Pinardi, Cortellini, Troiano - Napoli, Bruno.

Empoli v Frosinone Over 2.25 @ 1.93 10/10

Empoli against Frosinone should be a very opened match. These are, infact, two offensive teams and I don’t believe that the two trainers will change their way to play today.
Empoli is doing great job in front their fans, not far from home field, two win with more than one goal difference means something.
For this match Campilongo should change some player sto give them time to rest, the candidate sto rest should be Cupi, Vinci, De Giorgi and Saudati.
For Frosinone the beginning of this season has been great, three win in the first three matches against Salernitana, Lecce and Mantova while against Padova they weren’t able to keep the fourth win in a row even if they had the opportunity to close the match.
For me Over here

Empoli (4-4-2): Bassi - Kokoszka, Antonazzo, Angella, Tosto - Marianini, Musacci, Valdifiori, Vannucchi - Eder, Coralli

Frosinone (4-4-2): Sicignano - Semenzato (Del Prete) Scarlato Maietta Bocchetti - Basha, Biso (Bolzoni) , Basso Troianello - Caetano, Santoruvo.

Out: Caremi, Elsneg, Giubilato.

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