20 febbraio 2010


Torino is another time in the play off zone thanks to the last 4 wins in a row. Now against Salernitana, Torino can conquest the fifth win in a row and reduce the distance from the top of the table.
SAlernitana this year is clearly a team with all characteristics to go down in the lower league, their football is very slow, too many injured, players without any stimolous, and also a huge quantity of unlucky.
Too high the technical difference, too different the mental condition to think that Torino can lose this chance today

TORINO: Morello; D’Ambrosio, Loria, Zoboli, Garofalo; Scaglia, Genevier, Barusso, Gasbarroni; Bianchi, Inacio Pià

SALERNITANA: Polito; Kyriazis, Stendardo, Peccarisi, Balestri; Tricarico, Montervino, Soligo; Merino; Cozza, Dionisi

My idea is an 1(0:1)AH @ 1.76 10/10

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