24 febbraio 2010

Udinese - Cagliari

Udinese is at a crucial point of the season, they must win to leave the dangerous zone of the table. De Biase has been fired and Marino come back o the bench.
For this match Zapata and Domizzi will be out in the defensive line like D’agostino will be out in the midfield; probable Pepe will play instead of Sanchez. For Cagliari this is a very good season until now, their players are living a dream. Matri, Cossu, Conti, Lazzari are the spectacular moment and against Udinese, IMO, they can create some good opportunity considering also the tactical line up for home team.

I think that an Over here could be a good choice but also an Home win could be probable both medium stake.

UDINESE: Handanovic, Isla, Coda, Lukovic, Pasquale, Sammarco, Inler, Asamoah, Sanchez, Floro Flores, Di Natale.

CAGLIARI: Marchetti, Canini, Ariaudo, Astori, Agostini, Biondini, Conti, Lazzari, Cossu, Matri, Larrivey.

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