13 marzo 2010

Reggina - Modena 1 @ 1.95 10/10 Lost

Reggina took a point at Garilli of Piacenza and in this moment for them this 0-0 is a great result and meanwhile the team is moving the table.
With Breda on the bench two victories consecutively obtained on the home team are a clear signal and against Modena the home team hope to do the third win.
Modena is playing well and against Ancona they can win with a major advantage but Bruno and Pinardi have failed a lot of chances.
Home team will be complete for the macth but in Modena are out through suspension and Luisi and Cortellini.
REGGINA: Marino; Adejo, Valdez, Costa; Vigiani, Carmona, Tede¬sco, Missiroli, Rizzato; Brienza, Bonazzoli.
MODENA: Narciso; Diagouraga, Rickler, Perna; Bianco, Colucci, Troiano, Pinardi, Tamburini; Catellani, Bruno.

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