16 aprile 2010

Inter - Juventus

Inter needs all points here and needs to close as soon as possible the match to can manage the health and deserve them for Barcellona.

Mourinho can line up the best team possible with the unique absence of Chivu but with the prompt return of capitain Zanetti.

Against Juventus Inter is called, after the qualification for the Italian Cup final, to another win in order to obtain the lead of the table until sunday night when Roma will play against Lazio and also for putting Roma under pressure.
As regarding Juventus, we all know how the season is going for them. To put major pressure to the players also their fan are still protesting against the team. In spite the bad season for Juventus they are still fighting for a Champions League position and all players know that an eventual qualification for this competition could change completely their future.
good news for Zaccheroni for this night match with the return of Sissoko and Diego.

If we consider the different ambition and also the different tecnhical value result of this match seems to be almost decided in advantage of Inter but we have to consider also that Inter played in the meedweek and have to play next week a fundamental match against Barcellona.

The last match could have effect on the Inter strenght and the next match could biased the concentration for them.

Considering all I think that Inter will finish the first half in advantage ... but I am not sure that they will win the match, so my prediction is 1ht.
Just for fun I put a single pointalso on Inter/ draw and Inter / Juventus half- final result.

Inter ht @ 2.25 4/10
Inter/ draw @ 20 1/10
Inter / Juventus @ 80 1/10

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