16 maggio 2010


CAGLIARI - BOLOGNA 1 @ 1.63 10/10

21th February: this is the date of he last Cagliari win in this season, after that 8 defeats and 5 draws. All dreams of European qualification has been a far memory, and now their season can be classified as disastrous also because they lost one of the better italian coach: Allegri.

Bologna, on the other hand close the season with the conquest of safety and now they can face Cagliari without any kind of worrying. For this match some of the regulars will be on the bench and some young players will be lined up from the first minute, it seems that in the second half could play the third goalkeeper …

Anyway the following could be the probable line up

CAGLIARI: Lupatelli; Marzoratti, Canini, Astori, Agostini; Conti, Biondini, Lazzari; Cossu; Matri, Jeda.
BOLOGNA: Spitoni; Lanna, Portanova, Santos, Raggi; Buscé, Guana, Appiah, Pisanu; Succi, Savio.

Now in a match that has the same value of a friendly match and with the bookies that come out with very low odds I think that an home win paid at 1.65 is still good.

A Matri goal could be another good choice @ 2 4/10

BARI - FIORENTINA 1(0:0.25)AH @ 1.85 5/10

BARI - FIORENTINA Over 2.5 @ 1.6 5/10

Bari played a great season and can close it with another prestigious goal the 10th place overcoming Fiorentina their next opponent.

Today’s match is only a friendly considering that both teams won’t have nothing to play for but the two teams are in a completely different status. As I said Bari played great season, comparing the actual position with the initial target, while for FIorentina we can say that the season has been completely negative. Their target for this season was the European qualification and the fight for the first four positions but at the end they close this season in an anonymous middle table position.

Bari will play this home match with the best line up possible, all regulars will be on the field while Fiorentina will renounce to a lot of regulars and some young players will be on the field.

The probable line up should be:

BARI: Gillet, A.Masiello, Stellini, Bonucci, Parisi, Alvarez, Almiron, Donati, Rivas, Barreto, Castillo
FIORENTINA: Frey, De Silvestri, Gamberini, Aya, Gobbi, Montolivo, Bolatti, Marchionni, Jovetic, Ljajic; Keirrison.

My impression on this match is that Bari will win it but I believe that Fiorentina has the possibilities to score at least a goal here.

ATALANTA - PALERMO 2 @ 1.61 6/10

Later my comments

PARMA - LIVORNO 1(0:1)AH @ 1.7 10/10

Guidolin and his men with a little bit of more lucky could be in a Eurorpean position but the season can be considered positive in any case.

Livorno, on the other hand, will play their last serie A match without a lot of regulars and with a huge interrogation mark for their future. The president said that he wants to close with the football and Livorno is officially on the market.

Lucarelli, Tavano, Rivas, Miglionico, Rubinho, are all doubtfull ; Diniz, Esposito, Pulzetti, Pieri, De Lucia and Filippini will miss the match for sure.

No other result different to an home win here for me and I consider good the value for an 1(0:1)AH

PARMA: Mirante; Zaccardo, Lucarelli, Dellafiore, Antonelli; Valiani, Morrone, Galloppa; Lanzafame, Biabiany, Crespo.
LIVORNO: Bardi; Perticone, Galante, Bernardini; Raimondi, Moro, Mozart, Prutsch, Vitale; Bellucci, Danilevicius, Di Gennaro.

SIENA - INTER Milito will score anytime @ 1.75 6/10

No comment on this

CHIEVO - ROMA 1(1.25:0) AH @ 1.88 8/10

Roma must win here but at the same time Inter should leave Siena without a win. In this case Roma would be the new Italian championship winner … we are talking about fantasy film here.

Considering the today’s match between Roma and Chievo. In the last home match, as in the recent four of five matches, Rome shown to not be in good form and the win is arrived only thanks to two episodes otherwise the Scudetto’s affair would be almost closed.

The Ranieri men seem to be frustrated and also that they have played up all their mental energies, one example for all the squalid show furnished in the Cup Italia final, where they got a sense of their inferiority respect to Inter and tried to put the match on a physical level.

For this match Ranieri has to substitute Riise in the defensive line, Cassetti should be the natural substitute, and has to evaluate some other injured man like Vucinic and Totti both at not the 100% of form due some little injured suffered during the week.

The home team, despite don’t have nothing to play for, won’t give any advantage to their opponent, on the contrary, in my opinion, they will try to win this match playing without restriction as they did against Inter last week.

If Roma is seemed tired in the recent matches Chievo is going trough a very good moment. Pellissier is confirming his value scoring a lot of goals and has confessed to want to try to equalize last year record 13 goals and his actual record is 11.

What could happen in this match today? I think that Roma will score earlier in the match, before the first 20th minute, after that they will wait Siena – Inter news. At the same time I don’t believe that Roma can win here with more than 1 goal advantage and also, if Inter should close the match earlier Roma will leave the field to Chievo easily.

CHIEVO: Squizzi; Sardo, Yepes, Mantovani, Jokic; Luciano, Rigoni, Marcolini; Bentivoglio; Granoche, Pellissier.
ROMA: Julio Sergio; Motta, Burdisso, Juan, Cassetti; De Rossi, Pizarro; Perrotta, Menez, Vucinic; Totti.

At the end all way go to an Home win with a +1.25 asian handicap @ 1.88 6/10.

Other possible bet for this match are:

Time of first goal: 0-27 @ 1.77 2/10

2ht/xft @ 23 1/10

2ht/1ft @ 58 1/10

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