1 giugno 2010



First round for the Italian serie B play off. Torino will face Sassuolo in this first match with the awareness that they have a unique results here: a win. Sassuolo have, on the other hand a great advantage to can count on a double results here, a win obviously and also a draw. In fact in the return match they will play in front of their fans and, the major advantage, in case of a double draws or the same goals difference they can play the final against one between Brescia and Cittadella due the better final position during the championship.

Torino, in my point of view, have a good team with a lot of players with enough experience to play in serie A but they played a not regular championship this year and above all they had a not excellent home performance losing fundamental points for a direct promotion.

In the first part of the season they seemed a team without great idea with a lot of regulars not in completely form but in the return part of the season something ( I don’t know what) was changed, in fact Turin collected the major number of points showing a great concentration and becoming more cynicism.

In the last match against Cittadella Colantuono lined up a lot of not regular players to concede a round of rest to the other and this is a fundamental difference with the Sassuolo situation. In the last match, in fact, only two regulars for Sassuolo had rest all the other played a thought match against Lecce.

This sason has been, for Sassuolo, a great season. They conquest the possibility to play the play off, in spite there were other stronger team in the championship, thanks a very regular season and also thanks a extraordinary season from some of its players.

Latest news says tha Ogbonna and Zoboli won’t play for Torino while Sassuolo should play with all the regulars.

As I said Torino have to win this match to can go to Modena and play without huge pressure

Considering the importance of this match I can’t believe that Torino will attack for all the match leaving the possibility to Sassuolo to score in a counter attack.

My idea is a Home win but I consider also good X @ ht (2.1) and first goal will be scored after the 30 minutes (@2.15):

1 @ 1.9 6/10

X ht @ 2.15 2/10

First goal 30-90 @ 2.15 2/10

CITTADELLA - BRESCIA Over 2.5 @ 2.38 6/10

Brescia lost the train for the direct promotion in the last match of the season against Padova. Now the players have few time to recover mental energy and try to grab the serie A going through the play off. Brescia has good chances to win the play off also because they are finished in the third place and drawing all the matches they can conquest the serie A.

The environment is not the best, after the defeat against Padova, Iachini has been blamed by the president to have made a lot of mistakes in the initial line up, fans pointed the finger against players for their behaviour ... it will be not easy for Iachini to prepare next match.

CIttadella, on the contrary, is going through the best moment possible. They reached the possibility to play for the serie A promotion a great result for them considering also the value of this team and above all the value of the other teams in this serie B championship.

Foscarini did a great job here, his team played always a good football based on a fast counter attack and a all field pressing. Another point of strength for this team has been the good season for his forward Ardemagni and also for Pettinari and Bellazzini.

The home team should play with all the regular on the field while an important absence is announced for Brescia, Taddei in fact has to be out due an injury.

I think that Cittadella has the possibility to worry Brescia above all in this moment and above all if they play as they did until now. On the other hand Brescia have a major technical level and also the possibility to lose this match and then recover in the retur match.

I believe that this match will reserve to us at least 3 goals.

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