9 giugno 2010

Torino – Brescia

Other two matches and finally we discover which team will play in the next serie A championship. As preannounced Brescia and Torino will face each other in these two matches but both suffered in the semi finals. Torino played a unlucky match at home when conceded a goal advantage to Sassuolo and then failing at least 4 clear goal opportunities in the final of the match. On the road Torino played a good match confirming that this team have some problem in front of their fans.

Brescia on the other hand closed the discussion in the first match winning on the road and in the return match they controlled the match thinking to the important match against Torino.

Colantuono will have once again to renounce to starting goalkeeper Matteo Sereni, but his back up Davide Morello has played very well so far.

Iachini will have to renounce to the only injured Taddei.

In my point of view this will be a very tough match where both teams will think before to defende and then to try to score. Brescia has the advantage to can lay for two results in fact, in according with the rules they will jump in serie A also if the double match finish in a draw, but they will travel to Torino with a rather tired team.

Torino is in a must win condition here, a different result in this first round would mean, in my point of view, to leave the serie A to Brescia.

Another important thing for Torino for trying the win here is the number of players with suspension risks, Bianchi and Pestrin above all with a yellow card will jump the return match and this would be a great problem for Colantuono.

I want to believe in an home win here

1(0:0.25)AH@ 1.83 10/10

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