20 ottobre 2007

Messina Ascoli 2(0:0)AH 6/10 2.35 BET1128 -6

In the last match against Grosseto Messina gave a very bad impression, too many slow and clumsy and only due the Grosseto incapacity to score they came back home with a point. In this match there has been an involution in the Modena’s football, in fact against Mantova, especially in the second half when they were losing 3-0, they showed a good manoeuvres and some good goal’s opportunities.
In the last match instead they have thought to defend their goalkeeper for the whole match avoiding to play.
Ascoli started this season with all the best resolution to come bake immediately in the maximum serie but they now are beginning to understand that this serie B is very difficult to play and it isn’t enough only the players name’s. Now after nine matches Ascoli is become to a crossroad, or they start to play every match like a final or they have to give up hope to fight for the promotion. After two defeats in a row I don’t expect an offensive team for Ascoli, in fact during all the week the coach have tested a more defensive line up, but I would see well an away win here.

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