20 ottobre 2007

Vicenza Modena Over 2.5 @2,45 10/10 BETFAIR +14.5

After eight matches, finally, Vicenza won the first match in this season and above all they played a perfect match against Treviso and the result reflects the real difference between this two teams in this match. Vicenza wasn’t playing bad from the first round but often they have been not lucky,
It is enough to remember the macth against Triestina two weeks ago where they scored at 84 and then they conceded agoal in the overtime. In this team the leader is always Stefan Schwoch, and his presence is always a danger for the defences. For this match Vicenza will have some problem in the defensive line, in fact trhee of their four best players will miss and their substitudes don’t have the same experience.
Modena in the last match have risked the internal defeat against a good but not transcendent Cesena and only in the second part of the second half they straighten the result. After a good start of season Modena lost the right way and recently they were not offering a good show, they seem tired and this is well explicated by the unique win in the last 7 matches.

I believe that both teams will have the possibility to score in this match and my idea is an Over here.

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