9 novembre 2007

Italian Serie B 10.11.2007

ASCOLI - FROSINONE Over 2.5 @ 2.15 5/10
Ascoli won two matches in a row at home and now have the opportunity to play again at home against Frosinone. Last round has been a positive round for the home team, in fact thanks to the win against Treviso, now they gain 2 points respect all the other concurrent for the play off. In the last match Ascoli won against Treviso in the first time, they superiority was too evident and their attack line with Soncin and Bernacci are becoming very dangerous for all the other serie B defences. Soncin scored for the sixth time 2 goals in the same match in 13 matches and Bernacci have demonstrated how he can be dangerous just behind his SOXCIO.
For the next match Ascoli will face Frosinone, a good team, with safety as seasonal goal but in a not excellent moment. In the last three matches Frosinone, even if they played against not very strong team, didn’t manage to win but they drew twice at home (Piacenza and Bologna) and lost the away from home match against Treviso.It’s true that in the last match against Piacenza,Frosinone has been grabbed in the overtime due a defensive error but they weren’t able to close the match even if they did, at least, three clear goal opportunities. Ascoli won’t have any man out for this match while Bocchetti (an important man in the defensive line up) will miss the match for Frosinone.

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