13 gennaio 2008

13.01.08 Serie C1 & Serie A

Pescara– Sangiovannese 1

In this second part of championship Pescara must recover the gap from the play off zone, in fact after a not exciting beginning of season due the financial troubles, they have starter to play a very good football and now they are in the middle of the table with only 4 points less than the promotion zone. During this first days of transfer campaign Dettori, Virdis and Visone joined the club and they could be on the field for the next match against Sangiovannese.
SAngiovannese is in the last position in the serie C1 championship and their away from home record is very bad, 0 win – 2 draw and 8 defets with only 2 gals scored and 19 concede. Also for this team some players (Mauri, Goretti and Gerardi) are arrived as reinforce but for today’s match the coach Tedino will have some trouble in defensive line due the absence of Vannini and Di Bari.
An home win here for me

Cremonese Cavese Over

Very important match for Cremonese today against Cavese, in fact the Mondonico’s band hope to cover the gap from the leader Cittadella thanks to a win today. Cremonese after the first days of transfer campaign seem to be stronger then 2007 thanks to the arrival of Ferrarese, Rossi, Viali and Fietta but for today’s match Brioschi, Tacchinardi, Bacics will miss for sure while Zauli is doubtfull. This match is important also for Cavese in order to understand if could be still hoping to fight for the play off or not. Cavese will go to Cremona with a huge doubt regarding thir best stricker Ercolano, the player in fact should leave the club in this January and this situation could put out the player. For the match Cipriani and Riccio will be out while the good news is the presence of Aquino in the attack line.
I think that this will be a fight match and also, considering that both teams have a good offensive line and also that Cavese in the away from home match is very hard to defeat, an over here could be a good choice.

Legnano – Padova 2

Padova is now in the play off zone and Ezio Rossi want continue the positive run also after the holiday. The match against Legnano will be fundamental to continue in the promotion battle in the best way. The most imortant thing for Padova is don’t understimate a team that in this moment could seem weak due the corporate problem. In the last week, in fact ANoli, BErtoli and Goretti, three of best players for Legnano, left the club and in the next days some other interesting players should leave from Legnano. For Padova will miss Zeoli, Russo and Amenta but Muzzi will be on the field after a long stop. For the home team the most significant absence is Kamata suspended. I don’t think that Padova will miss the chance and they will keep all point here.

Manfredonia – Paganese 2

Match between two teams involved in the relegation battle. The home team changed their coach recently and in this first days of transfer campaign some experienced and interesting players are arrived here to try to build a good team in order to avoid the relegation this year and to start a new season with more interesting ambitions. The new coach wil line up a more offensive team with a 4-3-3 tactic where Rana, Genchi and Sau will be the attack line. For Paganese this match could represent a turning point, in fact a positive result here would mean first of all leave Manfredonia in the trouble and also could be the confirm to their home increasing trend. For the match Guarro is suspended but the two new players will be on the feld from the first minute. For me this match could represent the today’s surpsise, so I want to try an AW here.

Sassuolo– Pro Patria 1

Sassuolo want continue the run that have permitted them to stay at the top of this league until now but the today’s opponenti s a very hard team to defeat. For the home team the 2007 finished with a defeat against Foggia and the players want cancela as soosn as possible that negative event and the opportunity to can paly at home where they have a good 7-2-0 trend . The visitor’s is doing a very good championship considering their technical value, for this year can fight for a possible place in the play off zone would mean to have done an excellent season. For today Pro Patria will have available Candrina and Tezza both out in the last match against Monza while Cigardi and Tramezzani will be out due injuries. The home team will have some problem to solve due the absence of Pagani, Colussi and Manganelli.
I don’t expect a simple day for Sassuolo but at the end they have the strength to win this match

Atalanta – Roma 2

Rome need points here against Atalanta to continue in the run for the seocnd place in this championship (the leadership of Interi s untouchable for me). At home Atalanta is a very good team, the only Palermo has been able to win here and some other big leave Bergamo without points. The leaving of Zampagna and the suspension of Doni reduce a lot the Atalanta potential but these are only 2 of the Del Neri concern for today’s match, in fact Costinha, Inzaghi, Rivalta and Talamonti will miss. Some other players (Bellini, Manfredini, Muslimovic and De Ascentis). will be on the field but not in great condition. For Roma this is a very important moment and the yesterday draw for Juventus is another chance for Spalletti men. For yhis match Spalletti will put Pizarro in the midfield near De Rossi; Taddei, Mancini and Perrotta back Totti; in defence Tonetto, Juan, Mexes and Panucci. With this men and a good concentration Roma could leave from Bergamo with a good result.

Parma - Fiorentina X

Parma will host Fiorentina in this first round of 2008. For Parma the main goal of this season is a quite safety while Fiorentina have more important ambition in this season, in fact they want to continue as more as possible both in Coppa Italia than in European competition. Until now Fiorentina have shown a great football, in the last 2007’s match they trashed Cagliari for 5-1 and their strickers proved their strength. Parma, after the coach change has started to play better and the results are arrived
For th home team Pisanu should be ready after a not good week for him. For Prandelli all men should be available (only Kouldrupp is still doubtfull) and he decided to line up Vieri from the first minute in the attack line with Mutu and Santana.
Due the importance of the match for both team and the necessity for Parma to move always the table I see well a draw here.

Sampdoria - Palermo Over

. This should be the most interesting and amusing match for this round. Two teams that play a very exciting football, both oriented to the attack. On the field we can see Cassano, Amauri, Bellucci, Miccoli for me this men assure always goals and good football. For Mazzarri Lucchini and Volpi will be out due suspension while Montella and Caracciolo are bth injured so Cassano will play in the attack line near Bellucci. For the host don’t seem to be line up problem so rosanero will play with this fantastic three Amauri-Miccoli-Cavani in the attack line. An Over here

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