18 gennaio 2008

Genoa - Atalanta X @ 3.00 5/10

Genoa did a great impression in the last match against Lazio winning 2-1 after having conceded a goal to home team. Atalanta is going through a not good moment due the the President’s health condition, the players asked to avoid to play today but the match will be played the same.
For the home team Leon will miss and will be substitud by Rossi while the good players Konko will play behind the strickers.
For Atalanta Doni will be on the field after the three days suspension and will be lined up near Floccari. Carrozzieri and Langella will miss due suspension.
Two teams here with different target this season, Genoa have to avoid relegation while Atalanta want an European qualification. I think that in this moment a point each could a good result.
A draw is my choice here.

Albinoleffe – Frosinone 1@1.85 10/10

After having lead the table in the latest rounds Albinoleffe has started to slacken their pace losing some position from the top. In the last three matches they didn’t score a single goal winning only a single match in their latest six. As I said in the past this team was living a very god moment but over their possibilities and now they are in the real position for them. Against Rimini they shown some increasing signs above all in the defensive phase but they need to unblock in the offensive phase and today could be a good occasion to go back to score.
Frosinone is still one of the pleasant discovery for this league but recently they are going through an a bad period , in the last 10 matches they won only a match and now they are surfing in the middle of the table still in quit position.
The match could be a good chance for home tem to keep all points.

Brescia Avellino 1 @ 1.58 10/10

Finally Avellino did a U-turn in the recent months, they are now, for the first time in this season they are out from the relegation zone.
Brescia also seems to have overcame their black moment keeping seven points in the last 3 matches but this performance didn’t allow them to return in the play off zone and now they have a huge necessity to keep all points in the next matches to try to bridge the gap from the leader.
In the last match against Frosinone Brescia didn’t play a great match but the major handicap was the very bad field condition but nevertheless we saw a good team.
Avellino, in spite of their not exciting position, is a team very hard to defeat and their football is characterised by an hard pressing and concentration and in the last home match against Bari they won thank to these.
I expect a very tight match and I want to suggest an home win with only a goal difference, so
1 and an Over here

Cesena – Ravenna 1 @1.85 8/10

Ravenna at the end has sliding down the table and now they are the Italian serie B bottom rock. Cesena on the other hand shown good thighs against Piacenza, the new players did their contribution to Cesena cause, in particular the new midfielder Cardone have played behind the defensive line showing some good actions. In the recent matches Cesena seems to have find the right way to come out from the relegation battle, above all in the home matches, where in the last 2 matches collected six points grabbing the first two win in this season. For Ravenna the technical gap with the other competing in this league and the not exciting transfer winter campaign don’t leave a lot of hoping for the continuation of this season.

For me an home win here could be probable

Line up
Cesena: Sarti, Doudou, Cardone, Biserni, Biasi, Campedelli, De Feudis, Salvetti, Botta, Moscardelli, Paponi.

All Castori
Capecchi, Pivotto, Cosenza, Anzalone, Pizzolla, Barillà, Sciaccaluga, Rossetti, Fasano, Sforzini, Succi
All. Pagliari

Modena – Treviso 2 @ 5 3/10 or 2ah 1.93 6/10

This could be the match where the money is hidden. In this January campaign transfer some good players joined the club and gave good incentive to the environment for coming out from this negative situation. As I said more than once in the past Treviso has been built to return immediately in the high Italian league but due I don’t know what they are now involved to avoid the relegation in serie C1. In the last match against Triestina Berreto and Co have played a very good match, showing that they are still a football team that can say something in this season. Modena drew in the last round against Ascoli but the last has been a gained point considering the poor football expressed in this match. Modena, after a good but short period, this year seems to be a very inconstant team able to perform a good match against the leader of the table and the Sunday after play a very embarrassing match. In this moment I think Treviso could find the joker and for this I want to try an away from home win.

Pisa Bologna X @ 2.88 6/10

This is the main match in this serie B round. Pisa, against any prediction, is still in the upper part of the table very closed to the leadership, only a single point divide them from the leader Bologna that will be the next “Arena Garibaldi”’s guest.

Pisa built his great table principally in the away from home match where they have been able to win 8 out of their 11 matches while at home they have a normal middle table team record . This team have some players that in the counter attack are fatal and in the last match against Spezia they demonstrated how many dangerous they can be if the opponents leaves them a little bit of space.
Bologna didn’t make great impression in my eyes they are the serie B leader that’s true but they play not exciting football, in the last round of 2007 they leave all points to Piacenza after a match that highlighted how this team are depending on their major players and the confirmation is the last win where Marazzina destroyed the Mantova’s defence.
Or me this match will finish with an amusing draw (2-2)

Grosseto – Spezia 1 @ 2.08 10/10

It’s time for Grosseto to win now and Spezia is the right opponent in this moment. The guests are I not exciting moment due financial trouble and the players are disturbed and their concentration could be lower for the match. During the last January transfer campaign some interesting players joined Grosseto and in the last match against Brescia shown their value. For this match Gorzegno, Giuliano and Cmorani will miss for Spezia and I don’t think that Grosseto will leave points here. Grosseto: Bressan, Freddi, Gessa, Abruzzese, Innocenti, Consonni, Valeri, Garofalo, Lazzeri, Danilevicius, Graffiedi. All. PioliSpezia: Dazzi, Ceccarelli, Barabino, Padoin, Pecorari, Do Prado, Ribas, Zaninelli, Guidetti, Biso, Saverino. All. Soda

Vicenza – Lecce 2(0, 0.5: 0) @ 1.87 6/10

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