29 settembre 2008

serie B

Frosinone - Ancona 1 @ 1.95 Cashpoint 5/10

Today will be played two matches for the Italian serie B championship, in the first one Frosinone will host Ancona. Frosinone last year built its safety in the ome match, and also this year they would like to do the same. The "ciociari" have a good team, in the last round they stopped Parma after having played a perfect match but now,as their coach is saying, they didn't think that all will be easier. For this match will miss Biso, Cariello, Giubilato, Lorini and Scarlato. Mister Braglia seems to have in min to play with three strickers, Eder, Santuorvo and Dedic all experienced men.
Ancona won against Brescia in the last round but Brescia lately is not in good form.
Ancona is a young team with some interesting players coming from lower series, their football is very simple but efficient, they run a lot during the match buit sometimes did elementary mistakes. For this match they will have two important defenders out and against this is a uge problem fo them in this match.
I think that Frosinone can win the match.

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