24 ottobre 2008

Empoli - Pisa X @ 3.33 Pinnacle 4/10

A derby here. Empoli lost against Parma in tha last away from home match but they didn't make a bad impression. At home they have a good trend but they suffered a lot in the beginning of the season. Pisa, on the other hand, this year is completely a different team respect the last season. Too many the left during the summer and in fact in the beginning of the season they had a very bad moment but now they seem to have find the right way.
It's a derby as I said and as we know the derbies reduces the difference. I hope in this and I want to suggest a small stake on the draw here.

Triestina Albinoleffe X @ 2.94 Pinnacle 4/10

Another match today for the italian serie B.
Albinoleffe is in a bad moment now, 5 matches without the win and their coach Madonna is under pressure. Triestina, on the other hand, started this season in a good way and ow they have only three points less the leader. In the recent matches however, Triestina seemed not at the top (it's true they won twice at home but twice they didn't show great football). I don't believe that this will be the last match for Madonna on the Alinoleffe's bench so I choose a draw here.

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