5 agosto 2009


Over 2.5 @ 2 Expekt 6/10

Début match for Napoli in front of their fans, 40000 supporters are announced for this evening … it’s not a summer football.
During the summer Napoli placed some very important shoot, Quagliarella and De Sanctis overall but also Campagnaro, Zunica and Cigarini are good investments for this team.
Napoli in the second part of the last season would have deserved the relegation, 33 points at the end of the first half season 48 at the end of the season, it has been a nightmare.
Reja firing didn’t change the story confirming the group immaturity, no enough experience to manage the high table position for a long time.
As I was saying, De Laurentis and Marino have built a good team where only a single element is still missing a left lateral in the middle field (Zuniga could play in this role but it should be an adaption).
Last year (I’m referring to the second half of championship) the defensive line highlighted a lot of trouble due to, in my opinion, the absence of a strong goalkeeper.
After Iezzo also Navarro and Gianello went through a injury period (against Fiorentina played the young Sepe conceding two goals to “viola”) and these absences conditioned the defensive performance.
Another lack was in the offensive line where neither Denis (it was his first year in Italy) nor Zalayeta (a long injury) assured the necessary goal during the season, now with Quagliarella in the attack line this problem should be overcame.

I don’t have a good knowledge about Espaynol but I saw the match against Liverpool and they played a very good football.
I think this evening it will be very hard for Napoli to overcome the opponent and in my opinion will be scored more than 2 goals

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