13 febbraio 2010

Italia A

Parma - Lazio 2(0:0,5)AH @ 1,63 10/10
Livorno - Bologna 1(0:0,25)AH @ 2 6/10
Juventus - Genoa 1 @ 1,78 10/10
Chievo - Siena 1 @ 1,82 10/10
Sampdoria - Fiorentina 2(0:0,25)AH @ 1,84 6/10
Roma - Palermo Over 2,5 @ 1,92 6/10

5 commenti:

Mike ha detto...

hi Giulio, any info about Juve and Chievo? why are you sure this matches? :) thanks. Mike

Giulio ha detto...

Hi Mike,
first of all sorry for my later reply but I am still without internet connection at home and I am surfing only thanks to other wi fi connections!!!

Against Genoa Juventus have the possibility to stop their fan's rumors. I live in Turin (I am not a Juventus fan) and here all fans are waiting only a positive signals. In the recent matches Juventus gave some good positive signs, CAmoranesi, Salihamidzic and Marchisio could be in the field from the first minute.
Genoa on the road is not the same team that play in Marassi.
My full stake is based on sensation that first or later Juvntus have to win and this match seems to be the right one.

An alternative could be Over.

Giulio ha detto...

As regarding the other match Chievo - Siena, looking the last matches played Chievo did some good matches but they didn't keep adequate points.
Siena will face this difficult match without their fundamental players Maccarone.
Recently Siena have confirmed that they are a good serie B team and today I think they don't have great possibilities to win.

I confirm my full stake also for this match. If you want you can try also an Over or both teams will score.

Obsiously all can hapen in these matches ... GOOD LUCK!!!


Mike ha detto...

how stake do you have for over in Turin? :)

Giulio ha detto...

I consider 5 - 6 /10 a good stake IMO