14 giugno 2010


Italy will start their Word Cup facing Paraguay, the other candidate for the qualification.
Italy, in spite the fact that is the actual world champion doesn’t have the favour of the bookies and in the latest two matches didn’t experess great football. Against Mexico their lost playing a very poor match but against Swiss some good but few things has been highlighted. For this night I think that Marcello Lippi will shake the men on the field and the Italy team will be a mix between the first team that met Mexico and the second team that played against Swiss. In the middle of the field I texpekt the presence of Gattuso that will assure the right aggressiveness and coverage, in the defensive line I think also that will play both Criscito and Zambrotta instead of Maggio Zambrotta as reported on the web line up.
I have to be honest I don’t know well Paraguay, my impression is based on what is reported on the web. I expect a good offensive team with some little defensive problem but with an high aggressiveness.

I consider a good odd an Italian win with an (0:0.25)AH @ 1.91 10/10

I want to add also two goalscorer for this match:

Chiellini scores anytime @ 16 1/10
scores anytime @ 3.33 2/10

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