30 aprile 2010

Ancona - Grosseto Over 2.5 @ 2.17 6/10

Ancona can still hope in a play off qualification but they can’t fail at least home matches. Grosseto, on the other hand, is in the play off position and their hope is to maintain this position until the end of season.

The home team lost the last three home matches and didn’t express the usual good football. In the next match the coach Salvioni will have to re invent the team in fact he will be without the bomber Mastronunzio and also Surraco and Schiattarella, other two fundamental players for Ancona, weren’t well during the last week and the possibility to see both of them on the field is very low.

Grosseto lost against Lecce the last home match and the environment is not quiet in this moment.

Sarri and his men have preferred to go out of the city to prepare the match against Ancona. SArri has a huge job now because the President wants all points here and the team is not at 100%. Considering also the absences of Pinilla (without this player the offensive strength of Grosseto is decreased a lot) I think it will be very hard for the away team to beat Ancona.

Considering also that a point here doesn’t need to anyone I think that the two team will play an opened match and I consider a good choice Over 2.5

LATEST NEWS: Mastronunzio has been called for the match.

I suggest also an 1AH low stake

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