25 aprile 2010


VERONA - TARANTO 1 @ 1,60 10/10
Verona is involved in the run for the direct promotion and with Pescara and Portogruaro lead the table with 52 points.
The season for Taranto has been very bad and they are waiting the season withput any target.
Considering the not easy match for Pescara (away against Foggia) and the easy, on the paper, match for Portogruaro (away against Potenza) I think that Verona have to win here.

COMO-SORRENTO 1 @1.83 6/10

Como with a win can leave definitively the relegation battle. Sorrento is safe and I don’t think they will go to Como to fight seriously.


My idea is also to bet all today's matches OVER 2,5 stake 5/10

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