10 aprile 2010


Lecce - Torino DRAW @ 2.20 5/10

Ancona - Crotone Ancona @ 1.91 4/10

Mantova - Piacenza Mantova @ 2.20 6/10

Mantova need point here for move the table and come out from the relegation zone. The defeat of Gallipoli yesterday has confirmed that now there are onlòy other two place to assign for the relegation and the concurrent for them are five or six teams starting from Mantova, 37 points, and ending with Frosinone, 42 points.

On the road Mantova highlighted also against Brescia their limits but at home the they have a better trend, only 3 defeats with 7 win and 7 draws. For thios match Serena can line up two very important players like Carrus and Locatelli.

Piacenza is in positive trend at the moment, after the defeat against Salernitana they took 4 wins and 2 draws and they are definitively out from the relegation zone. This is positive in fact they will play without pressure but this coulb be negative if they will play without determination.

MANTOVA: Handano­vic; Salviato, Notari, Gervasoni, Lambrughi; Ta­rana, Carrus, Ronaldo; Locatelli, Caridi; Pellicori.

PIACENZA: Puggioni; Avo­gadri, Iorio, Tonucci, Zammuto; Sambugaro, Amodio, Greco; Moscardelli, Foti, Sivakov.

Considering the situation I think that Mantova can’t fail the win

Reggina - Empoli Over 2.5 @ 2.10 4/10
Reggina - Empoli Xhand @ 3.5 3/10

Grosseto - Vicenza Grosseto @ 1.91 6/10

Two teams involved in two completely different target.

Grosseto is in the high table position and their dreams to grab the possibility to play the play off is now becoming reality.

Vicenza, on the other hand, is still too near to the relegation battle to can leave points around without worrying.

In the last match Grosseto conquest a point against Ascoli but they can took all points only if they had dared against an Ascoli tired and without ideas. In today’s training Pinilla left the field with a little injury and Sarri ha sto wait until Tomorrow to know if his best forward will be available for the match. In any case I don’t think that Sarri will change the tactical in fact Pilchman is ready to ake the opportunity in the center of the attack. For sure eill miss Aldegani, Freddi and Papini.

On Vicenza side the situation is not the best, in fact, after the change on the bench with the arrival of Sonetti the team played still a bad match and only a late goal of Margiotta they took a point against Modena. This draw has interrupted the series of defeats for Vicenza and moved the table.

Sonetti, for this match can’t line up Paonessa e Zanchi, two fundamental players in his team.

GROSSETO: Caparco; Tu­rati, Conteh, Melucci, Mora; Vitofrancesco, Ca­robbio, Consonni, Job; Esposito, Pinilla.

VICENZA: Fortin; Fer­ri, Di Cesare, Giosa, Brivio; Botta, Gatti, Ga­vazzi; Madonna, Margiotta, Sgrigna.

I don’t believe that Grosseto leave points here

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