11 aprile 2010

serie A

The odds today are too low and I decided to avoid to bet.

Few ideas:

Roma after the Inter draw have the opportunity to jump in the first position. An home win is payed at 1.3 more or less ... untouchable for me considering also that Atalanta is in the full relegation battle. Red card could be a good option.

Sampdoria and Palermo could increase their advantage for the fight fo r the Champions league run. Palermo after the defeat in the derby can win easily against Chievo, but 1.7 odds for a -1 AH is not great investment. Other option could be Miccoli goal anytime or 1ht/ 1 ft

For SAmp it's time for derby and Genoa is very dangesous ... a draw here?

Juventus against Cagliari want to mantein the position but their defensive line is not at the best so Over here?

Two words about Bologna - Lazio? No, it is not possible to comment but for me lay X

I want to close with a bet to follow in live 2@ 9 for Catania against Milan. Just for fun!!!


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