20 giugno 2010

Italy - New Zealand 1ht/1ft @1.8 10/10

After first round of group F,all teams are on the same position,with one point and 1:1 goal difference.
Italy drew against Paraguay after having conceded a goal advantage to the opponent in the unique goal opportunity.

For this match Lippi won’t have Buffon in the goal but Marchetti is a good substitute.

Italian coach decided to change its tactic and today Iaquinta should play near Gilardino in the attack line. In spite the announcement of the latest days I still hope that Lippi line up Di Natale in the attack line and to be honest I think also that Pazzini could be the right forward for Italy in this moment but the coach is Lippi …

New Zealand, who surprisingly grabbed one point against Slovakia in the recovery time, is called to another hard match so the coach announced a little bit change in his team. I think, reading the news, that NZ will play with a bit more defensive line.

Italy needs point in this match and I don’t think they will fail again the match, considering also the technical difference between the two teams I believe that Italy could close the first half in advantage


Pepe to score anytime 1/10

exact score 3-0 1/10

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