6 giugno 2010

Play off - Sassuolo - Turin

After a good first match Sassuolo today will host Turin on their own field with two results on three favourable. In fact due the better position in the championship they can join the final with a win today, obviously, or also with a draw. But despite the good result, they can't surely afford to relax this match, Torino is, in fact, a good team with good players and the hosts target this season was the promotion. Pioli this night has to renounce to three fundamental players like the bomber Noselli (18 goals until now for him), the mifield and the brain of this team Salvetti and also the defender Polenghi (31 pres.) but there are still doubt for Masucci and Rea. Considering that also Valeri will miss because included in the Australian team, Pioli has the line up automatically done.
On the Torino point this is a fundamental match, a must win here or the season can be classified as a flop,in fact Turin was , at the beginning of the season, the most serious candidate team for the win for the serie B championship.
In the first match Turin paid, in my point of view, the pressure and, as happened often during the season, the seemed to be timorous to did a mistake even if in front of their fans. Now the situation is more complicate but at the same time more simple for Turin, they must win and stop so there is not other thinks and this condition, added to the fact to play far from home can permit to the players to express their value at the best.
In my idea this night Turin can gain the final considering also the trend of both team as regarding the home and away matches we can see that Sassuolo had problems when play at home (9 win, 5 draws and 7 defeats) while Turin on the road have a good score (9 win, 5 draws and 7 defeats).

2(0:0) @ 1.73 10/10
Over 2.5 @ 2.33 4/10

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