5 giugno 2010

Switzerland Italy

Against Mexico Italy shown a very bad condition, Lippi said that it was normal after this first part of preparation but I think he is worried. The Italian was always out of the match, the defensive line confirmed the doubt about players like Cannavaro and Co., they did a great mundial in the last edition but now they seems to be otut of form.

In the midfield think something has to be modified, too many people with offensive characteristics don’t cover the defence.

For this match anywhere Lippi wil line up the Italy-2 with all the players that didn’t start from the beginning the match.

In my opinion this team have more possibilities than the other lined up last day against Mexico. The defensive line with Chiellii, Zambrotta and Bocchetti seems to guarantee a good coverage to Marchetti.

The midfield with Gattuso, Palombo and Cossu can avoid what happened against Mexico in term of possession of ball and pressing.

Also in attack line, where Gilardino was a little bit static in the last match, I think Pazziuni can create major problem to Swiss defender.

I have to be honest, my idea above Switzerland is based on a little part of match against Costa Rica see on the TV and I have to say that they played an awful match.

This team seems to have a very low level, their attack line isn’t comparable with the Mexican and I can’t believe that Italia will suffer this players.

I know that in a couple of days the Italian’s condition can’t be very different but I am confident about the wish to cancel the bad performance and also because a lot of these players tonight can convince Lippi to give them aplace like regulars in the team.

My preview is an away win with (0:0)AH @ 1.73 10/10


Just for Fun

Pazzini score anytime @ 3.10 2/10

Exact score 1-3 @24 1/10

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