1 settembre 2008

01.09.2008 h 20:30 - Serie B - Bari - Triestina

Last match for the first Italian serie B league.

Bari could be the real surprise of this season as regarding the promotion zone, in fact during the summer transfer campaign some interesting and experienced players joined the club.

Parisi in the defensive line, De Vezze and Rivas in the midfield and Barreto in the attack line are the new players that will complete an almost good team almost.

Bari seems to be complete in each part of the field, the defensive line is more or less the same of the last year but with Parisi have gained more technical, the midfield and the attack line are complete and with a lot of of different solution for the coach.

For Triestina the leaving of their strong attacker Granoche will se difficult to digest, in fact Granoche solved a lot of matches last year with his goal. I don’t think that Bari will fail again the seasonal goal so my prevision is an home win here.

1@1.8 BetSense 8/10

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