7 settembre 2008

Italy 07.09.2008

Rimini Modena 1 10/10
Rimini stopped Parma in the beginning match of this Italian serie b season. They have to say thanks to their goalkeeper that closed the goal to the opponent at least three times but they shown a good football also without their old coach Arcori. The team this year is changed more than in the past, some important players left the club during the summer like Jeda and Vallianti.
Modena didn’t start the season in the better way, an home defeat against Albinoleffe opened theeyes to Canarini.
Last year Modena avoided the relegation only in the last part of the season butin this championship the team seem to be weaker then in the past. During the last transfer campaign Modena, in my eyes, lost important players and the substitutes aren’t at the same level. Against Albinoleffe in the first match Modena showed a lot of problem, they are not ready and if anything will change in the next few days Modena risks to be one of the most serious candidate for the relegation.
For the match I think that Rimini will win

Cittadella Salernitana 1(0:0) AH 8/10

Cittadella played a good match against Piacenza and only their un-experience didn’t permit to them to leave Piacenza with at least a point. This doesn’t mean that they now will play for the high part of the table but could mean that the situation doesn’t so bad as said before the starting of championship.
Against POiacenza, Cittadella shown a good organisation on the field, in the second half have closed the home team in their half field and only the un lucky didn’t concede them the draw.
On the other side Salernitana, another newcomers, won at home in the beginning match of the season thanks to a penalty scored by their most representative man Di Napoli, but after that they weren’t able to close the match against another team that will be involved in the safety battle.
In the offensive version Salernitana made good things but in defensive phase they have something to put in order and for the next match some of the primary players of the defensive line will miss.
For me Cittadella could grab all points here, but it is better to cover the home win with an AH

Frosinone - Bari 2(0:0) AH 10/10

Frosinone lost against Mantova in the beginning match but they were in nine from the middle of first half and conceded two goals in two minutes (66 and 67). I saw Frosinone friendly match against Napoli and some parts of their match against Roma and in my eyes this team have all for doing a good championship. At home Frosinone last year conquested a lot of points and they hope to continue in this positive series. For this match SAntuorvo, Biso and Dedic won’t be on the field for Frosinone.

As regarding Bari, they were called to give immediately a positive message after the negative final of the starting match. They scored early in the match but weren’t able to close the match against Triestina. Bari built a lot of goal opportunities but the strickers weren’t able to score them.
For this match Conte have to invent his attack line due tha absence of Cavalli, Barreto and Maniero
I want to try a little surprise here with an away win with handicap

Livorno MAntova Over 2.5 6/10

Livorno started the championship with a good win against Avellino, in away from home match, thanks principally to TAvano too strong to play in the Italian serie B and in fact he scored three goals and I think he will continue for a long time to score.
Not only Tavano played a good match in Avellino, the new arrival Volpe and Filippini and Loviso played over the line in the beginning match.
Mantova started the season with an internal win against Frosinone but they were able to score only after 66 minutes and only thanks to the double red card against Frosinone. The absence of their best and representative man on the field Godeas.
Both teams have been built to play an offensive football, Livorno have in the attack line players that could play in the Italian serie A without problem, Diamanti, Tavano and DAnileviciuos for Livorno Godeas, Locatelli and Corona for Mantova will assure the right show.
On the contrary the defensive line above all on the Livorno side don’t seem very solid and against a good stricker they could concede some goal.
For me this match will finish with more than 2,5 goals.

Cremonese – Venezia 1 10/10

Cremonese and Venezia started the season in good way, both win their beginning match after a very good game. Cremonese have a good team, I think the best in this league both for technical level and also for experience. The stricker Guidetti scored one of two goals in his first match with the griogiorossi allowing to close the match against pro sesto for 2-0. Gori, Tacchianrdi and Colucci will miss the match for Cremonese.
Venezia after a year spent in an anonymous middle table position this year want to be protagonist in the promotion fight. A not difficult beginning match against Portogruaro permitted to Venezia to show a good football at home and above all a good Ibekwe.
This should be the initial line up:

Cremonese (4-4-2): Bianchi - Bianchi,Viali,Argilli,Pesaresi - Ferrarese,Carotti,Saverino,Vitofrancesco - Guidetti,TemelinVenezia (4-3-3): Aprea - Galuppo,Lebran,Tricoli,Anderson - Bono,Drascek,Ruffini - Collauto,Ibekwe,Poggi
An home win here

Potenza – Gallipoli X2 10/10

Potenza will host Gallipoli in a not good moment due the internal problem. The President, in fact, decided few days ago to leave the club due extra soccer trouble. This open a new scenario for the home team after the defeat against Foggia in the beginning match now they don’t know their future. Against Foggia Potenza showed a not exciting football and also a huge nerviness, they finished the match in nine.

Gallipoli built for another year a good team hoping to can fight for the promotion battle. They have started the season in good way, 1-0 against Pistoiese don’t seem to be a great result but the Pistorise goalkeeper saved his goal more than one during the match.

Potenza (4-4-2): Groppioni - Patarini,Di Bella,Cuomo,Porcaro - Morfù,Cammarota,Sabatino,Arigò - Nolé,MasiniGallipoli (3-4-1-2): Rossi - Bonatti,Molinari,Antonioli - Cangi,Russo,Esposito,Suriano - Mounard - Ginestra,Di Gennaro

For me an Away win here with AH level ball

Benevento Lanciano 1 10/10

Padova - Lumezzane 1 10/10

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