13 settembre 2008

13.09.08 Serie B

Avellino Cittadella 1ah 6/10 @ 1.74 10bet

Avellino lost again for 3-1 their second round in a row, now they need urgently points to move the table and to not accumulate to many distance from the safety zone. Avellino last year was relegated in the pro league but summer events have permette them to join again the serie b.
This is not completely a good news for them, in fact they built the team in few days, without a clear tactic and technical draw and now they are paying for that. In the first tworounds they played against Levorno, a direct promotion candidate, and Triestina a solid team that was able to stop Bari in the beginning match, but in the second match they showed some little increasing.
As regarding Cittadella they seem to have built a very solid team and only the unlucky didn’t permit to them to win against Salernitana last week.
I think that Avellino have another week of training in the leg and some other good players moine the club in the last week so I think they can grab their first point of the season.

Parma Ancona 1/1 10/10 @2 10Bet

Parma played only a match in the italian serie B championship and they have immediately understand how this championship can be difficult. In the last round Parma postponed the second-round game because of their players' international duties. The impact with this championship didn’t happy for Parma against Rimini, I read that Parma lost 2 points but I think they gained a point against a solid team, Cagni know that and didn’t any drama. Now ducali have the possibility to grab their first win in the serie B against Ancona, that is seemed solid but not enough to can stop Parma. Ancona stopped both Treviso than Ascoli but they are always indicated as one of possible candidates for the relegation this year.
If Parma will play as against Rimini I don’t think they will meet problem to win against Ancona and also I think that they will stay in advantage starting from the first half.
My decision for the match is an 1 ht / 1 ft @ 2 10bet

Empoli Albinoleffe 1 6/10 @ 1.98 188bet

Empoli is another team indicated as winner of this championship but also for them, as for Parma, the beginning of the season wasn’t coincided with two win and good football. In the first two matches they collected two draws, the last one against Vicenza almost reduced in nine men. Albinoleffe, on the contrary started this season in a good way winning on the road against Modena. The coach Madonna is doing a good job here but now for this difficult match he has to renounce to some important players like, Peluso, Cristiano, Coser, Madonna Jr.
Against Albinoleffe, Baldini has in mind to confirm the 4-2-3-1 tactics but some new name is expected on the initial XI.
In my idea Albinoleffe play good match in Modena but their opponent weren’t too strong to constitute a heavy test bench while Empoli met two solid and strong teams (I refer principally to Brescia) and in both cases they showed a convincing football.
For me an home win here could be good choice.

Bari Brescia Over 2,5 5/10 @ 2.25 Betbesson

Bari failed the beginning match in front of their crowd and now they have to face Brescia, a very solid team conducted by Serse Cosmi arrived nowat a topic moment. The Brescia President has, in fact expressed his concern about the Brescia football and said to Cosmi that he want a prove by the team to understand what could be the future.
For Bari this should be the right season to try the jump in the italian serie A, the players are good and the new coach Conte have an enough experience to drive the team during the season but first of all Bari have to start to win. For this match Conte has to substitute Donda (suspended) and the main candidate seems to be De Vezze and this shouldn’t be the unique change, in fact in the attack line Cavalli seem to be confirmed. For Brescia, after the stop in the last round, there is huge expectative by the midfield composed by Morfeo, Baronio and Gorzegno.
Match opened to every results, two team that play an offensive football and a lot of lpayers that can change the match with their invention, so I think that more than 2 goal will be scored here.

Mantova Vicenza 1 @ 1.72 8/10 10Bet

Mantova have one win and a draw showing a good condition, Their coach Brucato is doing a good job here and his idea of offensive football is giving the first results. Against Livorno, Mantova did good match and only a great reaction from Livorno stopped them and permitted to Livorno to draw. In spite of the tactics is an 3-4-3 Mantova play an intelligent offensive football and in defensive phase they are lined up like a 4-4-1-1 with the usual Godeas as unique stricker.
Also for Vicenza last match finished with a draw after having driving the match and only a double red card and a penalty left to them the entire points. The Vicenza team is changed a lot during the summer and this year will be for them a transiction year to try to rebuild a good team to return in the elite of Italian football. In the next match Vicenza will have some important players out due Suspension and injuries while Mantova should be complete. I think that an home win here could be good as bet

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