13 settembre 2008

Juventus – Udinese X(0:1)ah 4/10 14.09.08 h 20:45

Juventus will face Udinese after having left a gold win in the Firenze stadium in the first round. Ranieri is very angry with their men because they conceded an huge chance to Gilardino in the extra time and this is not the right behaviour for a team that would want compete for the Scudetto fight.
On the other hand Udinese played very well in the beginning match against Palermo, but Palermo to be honest is, in this moment, not at the top and also for that Udinese made a great impression.
I saw the odds in the latest day for this match and I am very surprised to read that the home win for Juventus ia only at 1.5 (more or less). Juventus on Wednesday have to play in the first round of Champions League against Zenith and all of us know how this competition is important for Bianconeri, this could mean that Ranieri could think to stop some important players to give them a round of resting. Another point regarding the Juventus defence, in this moment this sector don’t seem to have found the right organization, in the first leg Buffon did some (as usual for this champion) fundamental saves but the defence performance was worse than expected.
Also Udinese will have the first European round on Thursday and also tfor them a turn over is expected. For Udinese Di Natale is living a gold moment both in the club than in Italian team, he saved Italia against Cyprus and played a great match against Georgia. The defence line for Udinese is still orphan of Zapata and Felipe the two best players in this sector and against people like del Piero, Trezeguet and Amauri Udinese will have difficult for sure.
I want to try a X(0:1) Handicap here because my idea is that Juventus can win the match but they will have to sweat a lot. 3.65 centrebet

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