11 settembre 2008

Palermo Roma both teams will score 6/10

Both teams started the season with some problem. Palermo lost in the beginning match against Udinese and they never did any sign to can be in the match. Roma drew against Napoli in spite of they were in numerical superiority.

For Palermo, after the beginning defeat is arrived the firing of the coach Colantuono, substituted by Ballardini, last year on the Cagliari bench where he did a great job.

Palermo changed a lot during the last summer transfert campaign, the defensive line is completely new, Amelia in the goal, Carrozieri, Bovo, Dellafiore and Raggi are all good players but they need time to assimilate the new tactic and to know each others. In the midfield two very interesting players have been inserted (Nocerino and Liverani) while in the attack line is necessary to cover the hole left by the departure of Amauri. All these changes need time to be assimilate and the squad until now have suffered a lot, clear signal has been the defeat in the Coppa Italia and in the beginning match against Udinese. For the match Budan and Amelia are doubtful.
As regarding Roma, they suffered a lot the Napoli speed in the first match and they seemed still without the right strength on the leg. For this match it is highly probable that both Totti and Taddei will be available while Baptista and Juan wo’t be on the field due their late return from their National obligations. Actually Doni, Perrotta, Montella, Perrotta and Brighi are all doubtful for the match
Match very difficult to predict, Roma have all the numbers to win this match but Palermo at home use to play always good matches and now with the new coach all players will play better than the usual. Both defensive line have still some problem and I think that both teams will score at least a goal.

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