11 settembre 2008

Reggina - Torino 1(0:0)ah 10/10

Reggina and Torino started in different way their own championship, Reggina after having scored the advantage goal lost the match against Chievo also due some questionable referee decision; on the other hand Torino win with a good 3-0 against Lecce showing some good things.

Reggina this year will suffer a lot in the attack line, they lost a very good player like Amoruso that in the last year scored 12 goals and now, with Brienza not at the top of physical condition they have to put all their hopes on the Corradi neck also because they won’t have Maccarone in the line up for the next three round. In the beginning round, as I said they played against Chievo and, in my opinion they didn’t deserve the defeat.
During the summer transfer campaign Torino was more or less motionless but in the latest days Cairo put a couple of shoot very interesting like Bianchi and Amoruso. Now the squad seems to be equilibrated in every sector of the field with an interesting offensive potential.
As regarding the match, Reggina have the advantage to play at home where they normally are strong and are well supported by their own fans while Torino have a good technical thickness but I don’t think they have still the maturity to impose their football on the road.

2 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

How 'bout inter, juventus, lazio, and tonite match of livorno? Any coments?

Giulio ha detto...

Only about Juventus, I like the Over and x(0:1) handicap it means an home win with only a goal difference. Inter should win easily against Catania but I would try also an Under.
Lazio and Livorno no idea

Ciao Late other picks about serie B and C1