11 settembre 2008

Lecce - Chievo 1(0:0)ah 10/10

Lecce and Chievo, two newcomers, will meet in second lego df Italian serie A championship and their target will be the same win this match. This kind of match has a double value for teams like these involved in the relegation battle. In the debut match Lecce played, in my opinion, a good match until the penalty ( a delicious gift from Diamoutene) for Torino. Lecce have the great advantage to can count on the entire last year team with new but good players, Antunes in the defensive line, Caserta and Feltscher two young players in the midfield but the better part of the arrival have been in the attack line with Cacia, Castillo and Leonardo that can assure experience and different solution for the coach.
Chievo on the other hand started the season with a comfortable win against another precarious team like Reggina after having suffered the first goal. I didn’t see a team in good moment they won only thanks to a bad day for the referee and a huge mistake of Campagnolo in the latest part of the match, they never played on the lateral way and also they never try to shoot in spit of the relative liberty for the strikers in the Reggina defence.
Lecce will play the first match in front of their fans but they seem to be still not at the top of condition also because a lot of new players joined the club few days before the beginning of the season and need time to acclimatize.
Chievo have the opportunity to stay at the top of the table another week if they will leave the Via del Mare with a win.
For me Lecce at home is a little bit better than Chievo, so my decision is for an home win with Ah level ball.

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